The Department of Food Science and Technology offers the Bachelor in Food Technology, a four year course, as its major undergraduate degree program the department also offers the MS in Food Science and Technology for graduate students.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program of the department is designed to give the learners a well-rounded training in Food Science and Technology.

Undergraduate Courses

Ftec 121 - Food Chemistry
Ftec 122 - Food Analysis
Ftec 131 - Food Micro biology
Ftec 142 - Engineering I
Ftec 143 - Food Engineering II
Ftec 152 - Food Processing & Preservation
Ftec 153 - Processing Animal Food Products
Ftec 155 - Processing Plant Food Products
Ftec 162 - Food Quality and Safety
Ftec 163 - Sensory Evaluation of Foods
Ftec 171 - Plant Operation and Management
Ftec 198 - Research Planning and Manuscript Preparation
Ftec 199 - Undergraduate Seminar
Ftec 200A/200B - UndergraduateThesis/ Plant Practice

Graduate Program

To provide graduates opportunity for achieving professional competence in advanced studies, the Masters of Food Science and Technology is being offered in the department.

Graduate Courses

FTEC221 - Food Biochemistry
FTEC222 - Food Carbohydrates
FTEC223 - Food Proteins and Enzymes
FTEC224 - Food Lipids
FTEC231 - Advanced Food Microbiology
FTEC232 - Microbiological Aspects of Food Processing
FTEC233 - Food Fermentation
FTEC234 - Food-Borne Infection and Intoxification.
FTEC241 - Dehydrated Processes
FTEC242 - Thermal Processing
FTEC243 - Refrigeration and Freezing.
FTEC244 - Food Packaging and Storage
FTEC251 - Advanced Meat & Poultry Processing
FTEC252 - Advanced Fruits & Vegetables Processing
FTEC253 - Processing of Dairy Products
FTEC254 - Nuts & Legumes Products Processing Technology
FTEC255 - Marine and Freshwater Product Processing Technology
FTEC256 - Baking Technology
FTEC257 - Food Product & Process Dev.
FTEC291 - Special Topics
FTEC296 - Statistical Methods in Food Science and Research
FTEC297 - Graduate Colloquium
FTEC299 - Graduate Seminar
FTEC300 - Master's Thesis