Core Major Courses:

  PB 111   Principles of Plant Breeding - Fundamental concepts and theories of cultivar development
  PB 112   Methods of Plant Breeding - Methods, techniques and systems of crop improvement
  PB 115   Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization - Concepts, principles and strategies of germplasm maintenance and use in crop improvement
  PB 117   Experimental Designs and Field Plot Techniques - Design and lay-out of experimental units; analysis and inference of data involving variances, covariances and multiple regression
  PB 122   Plant Genetics I - Introduction to specialized fields of genetics relevant to plant breeding
  PB 123   Plant Genetics II - Principles and techniques of cytogenetic investigations, manipulation and their application to plant breeding
  PB 198   Research Planning and Manuscript Preparation
  PB 199   Undergraduate Seminar
  PB 200   Undergraduate Thesis
  PB 200a   Field Practice

Elective Major Courses:

  Agro 123   Seed Technology
  Hort 173   Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture
  Ag. Ext 123   Principles, Methods and Strategies in Extension
  Math 101   Elementary Calculus I
  Bio 138   Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology
  Bot 112   Plant Biochemistry
  Bot 141   Plant Systematics
  PB 113   Breeding Horticultural Crops
  PB 114   Breeding Field Crops
  PB 125   Techniques in Plant Breeding
  PPATH 111   Principles of Plant Pathology
  ENTOM 111   Principles of Entomology
Graduate Courses:
  PB 212  

Advanced Plant Breeding - Recent advances in plant breeding

  PB 213  

Plant Breeding and Biometrical Genetics - Experimental and statistical concepts and procedures for quantitatively inherited traits as used in plant breeding

Distribution of Major Courses by Term
The general BSA Curricular program shall be followed with the following major courses taken in the term specified:
  Third Year, First Semester                  Third Year, Second Semester
  PBre 111     PBre 112
  PBre 117     PBre 122
  PBre 198     PBre 123
  Third Year, Summer (for field practice option only) PBre 113
  PBre 200a (4 units) PBre 200 (for thesis option) (1 unit)
  Fourth Year, First Semester Fourth Year, Second Semester
  PBre 115 PBre 199
  Major Elective Major Elective
  Major Elective (for field practice option) Major Elective (for field practice option)
  PBre 200/200a (1 unit) PBre 200/200a (4/1 units)