CA logoThe biggest and the oldest college of the Visayas State University, the College of Agriculture is known as one of the country's centers of excellence in agriculture and is the leading institution in the fields of plant and animal sciences, social science and development studies in the Visayas and Mindanao.

At present the College system has 7 academic departments. These include the following: Department of Animal Science (DAS), Department of Agronomy & Soil Science (DASS), Department of Development Communication (DDC), Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics (DPBG), Department of Horticulture (DOH), Department of Pest Management (DPM), and the Department of Food Science and Technology (DFST).



Center of Excellence in Agriculture



Attainment of highly competent human resource and scientific knowledge in agriculture and allied fields for sustained growth and development.



To serve as an effective vehicle for economic growth through relevant curricular offerings, generation of appropriate knowledge and technologies and establishment of vibrant linkages with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), peoples organizations (POs), and other government agencies (GAs).



  1. To strive for excellence in agriculture education for regional and rural development.
  2. To sharpen its focus on impact programs and projects in instruction, research and the application of new knowledge for the well-being of the small Visayan farmers and rural farming families.
  3. To build enduring linkages with national and regional institutions and agencies for the promotion of relevant instruction, meaningful research, and effective transmission of useful knowledge in the farming communities in the Visayas.


Organizational Structure

Under the VSU system, the CA is structurally organized where the Dean is directly under the Office of the Director for Curriculum & Instruction (ODCI). Under the Dean are the Heads of various academic units. Assisting the Dean is the College Secretary along with the administrative support staff. The Dean oversees the overall operations of the units under its wings. Departments are under the leadership of a Head while the Institute is headed by a Director. The Heads and Director spearhead program planning and implementation in their respective units in consultation with their organic staff and stakeholders at large.

Currently, the Dean of the College is holding office at the second floor, FARMI building at the VSU main campus.



The College has 81 faculty members with the following academic degrees: 40 Ph.D.; 33 M.S.; and 8 B.S.. It has a total of 28 administrative staff.



The College of Agriculture adheres to the philosophy of promoting and inculcating the core values of truth, knowledge, work and relevance. Its programs in Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production converge and complement each other to help make Philippine agriculture globally competitive and sustainable.

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