•  VSU Grad School holds echo-seminar on Outcome-Based Education
    VSU Grad School holds echo-seminar on Outcome-Based Education

VSU main campus got the institutional passing rates of 74.24% and 40.15% for secondary and elementary, respectively.

Meanwhile, the four satellite campuses registered the following passing percentages for secondary and elementary:

Alang-Alang: 43.75%; 29.94%
Isabel: 66.00%; 40.68%
Tolosa: 60.63%; 31.86%
Villaba: 23.26%; 16.95%

The commission reported that 49,626 secondary examinees out of 107,020 made it to the cut, earning a 46.37% national passing rate. On the other hand, 21,198 out of 80,509 elementary examinees successfully passed the exam, garnering a national passing rate of 26.33%.

This year, Rhoy Autentico Omega from the University of Mindanao-Davao City topped the exam for secondary education (93.80%) while Mary Clarence Gepes Madero from the West Visayas State University-La Paz (88.80%) ranked first in the elementary education exam.

The top performing schools are University of the Philippines-Los Banos for secondary level (98.33%) and the University of Santo Tomas (93.81%) for elementary.

Here’s a complete list of VSU-Main Campus passers in the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers:


VSU-Main September 2017 LET Passers