The Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension (OVPRE) is the university's coordinating arm for Research and Extension (R & E). It coordinates the implementation of the different R&D commodity programs and extension activities of the following research centers: Philippine Root Crops Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops), National Abaca Research Center (NARC), Naitonal Coconut Research Center - Visayas (NCRC-V), Farm Resource and Management Institute (FARMI) and the academic departments.

OVPRE is managed by the Vice President for Research and Extension with support from the Director for Research and Extension Programs Office (REPO) and the Director for Research and Extension Technology Dissemination Office (RETDO). As a coordinating office, central support services for RD & E operation are also being carried out through its following service units: Information Communication Technology Unit (ICTU), Central Analytical Service Laboratory (CASL), Geographic Information System Service Unit (GISSU), Technology Management Unit (TMU), Site Development and Management Unit (SDMU), Radio Station DYAC, and Annals of Tropical Research (ATR). It also functions as the main collaborating unit with the Visayas Consortium for Agricultural Resources Research and Development (VICARP) and the CHED Zonal Research Center –Visayas III (Region 8).


Globally competitive and sustained growth in agriculture and allied fields through excellent and relevant R & D.


Research: Generation of knowledge and technologies for sustained growth and global competetiveness in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and agri-industries.

Extension: Application of appropriate knowledge and technologies to improve and sustain productivity and growth of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and agro-industries.

10 point Agenda

  1. Rationalizing VSU research investment.
  2. Increasing science and strategic value of VSU researches.
  3. Upgrading human resource capabilities.
  4. Maintenance and upgrading research facilities.
  5. Strengthening information and technology dissemination.
  6. Exploiting benefits of information communication technology.
  7. Improving project development capability and system monitoring and evaluation.
  8. Increasing productivity in RD&E.
  9. Protecting and commercializing knowledge products.
  10. Forging innovative partnership with the industry/private sector

R&D Commodity Priorities and Areas

  1. RDE responsibilities
    • National: Rootcrops, Abaca, Coconut, Biofuel and Environmental Services
    • Zonal: Corn, Fisheries, Jackfruit
    • Regional: Agro-forest trees, Livestock, Rice, Vegetables
    • Leyte Province: Socio-economics, Ecology
  2. RDE Commodity Programs
    • Abaca
    • Biofuel (Jatropha)
    • Cereals and Legumes
    • Coconut
    • Education, Sociology, Economics and Special Concerns
    • Forestry
    • Health (pharma/ food)
    • Jackfruit
    • NRM Services
    • Poultry and Livestock
    • Rootcrops
    • Sustainable Organic Agriculture
    • Vegetables
  3. R&D Areas/ Disciplines
    • Applied Rural Sociology, Economics and Special Concerns
    • Biofuel
    • Botanicals for Disease Prevention (for livestock)

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