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At the Department of Teacher Education, we train students to become effective and competent classroom managers at the elementary and secondary levels. The Department offers majors that are in demand in local and international educational institutions. It caters to the demands for professional education courses especially in Bachelor of Elementary Education major in pre-school education and Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Sciences, Filipino, Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences. 

Goals and Objectives


Course Offerings

Bachelor of Elementary Education major in:

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:

Master in Education major in: 


Entrance Examination

1st Semester: 2nd Saturday of February and 1st Saturday of April
2nd Semester: 1st and 2nd Saturday, December


  • Original Copy of Form 138 (Report Card)
  • General Average of at least 85%
  • Subjects in English, Math, Science, and Filipino should not be less than 80%


Services Offered

  • Conducts training to Elementary and Secondary DepEd Teachers
  • Conducts Extension Services to adopted schools and nearby communities 
  • Organize Education Students Conference (EdsCon) 

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