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Let’s take a closer look at our logo, the very symbol that represents our core advocacy in the School-On-Air on Visual Arts for Mental Health and the Environment.

Did you know that our logo is inspired by the Nautilus Shell?

The nautilus shell is believed to have existed for over 500 million years. That is why the nautilus is also commonly referred to as a living fossil.

The Nautilus pompilius is a type of cephalopod or mollusk related to octopus, cuttlefish, and squid. Unlike its distant cousins, the soft body of the nautilus is blessed with a beautiful shell for protection against its predators. As the shell grows, the nautilus then moves its body forward into the newest and largest chamber. At the same time, the shell also puts up a wall to seal off the smaller and older chambers, which become gas chambers that help the animal float when needed. If we examine its shell, we can see that cross-sections of the nautilus shell tell us the growth cycle of the elegant mollusk. If you are a math geek, you can clearly appreciate how the series of chambers are arranged in a precise way known as the Golden Ratio spiral based on the Fibonacci sequence or sacred geometry.

How amazing is that?

So, how is the Nautilus Shell incorporated in our advocacy? Here is the explanation from the designer himself, and one of the resource persons of our initiative, Assistant Professor Jude Nonie A. Sales:

“The overall shape of the logo is inspired by the Nautilus Shell which is a symbol for the inner beauty of nature, a symbol of life and internal harmony. The head of the Nautilus Shell takes both the shape of the artist's paintbrush bristle and a leaf that symbolizes the natural environment. The chambers of the Nautilus Shell are symbolic of the broadcast icon and the stages each individual passes through life and the inner mind. The outer spiral is the handle of the artist's paintbrush and symbolizes the concepts of creation, movement, fluidity, and evolution. The dark green color of the logo symbolizes the earth, while the blue color represents water and air.”

Our logo does not only represents beauty and elegance but symbolizes strength, resilience, creation, movement, spiritual and personal growth. As the nautilus withstands immense oceanic pressures, so as we, in our fight for the environment and our challenges in learning ourselves. The nautilus continues to move forward into its new chambers just like us who are continuously learning to make our world a better place by taking good care of our environment and of ourselves.

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