VSU Advanced Research and Innovation Center

This is the new elevator unit that will provide service to the three-storey VSU Library building.

Not just one but two!

VSU Main Campus now has two fully functional elevator units installed in the VSU Library and the Advanced Research and Innovation Center (ARIC)—both of which are three-storey buildings.

These two new elevators were supplied by the same contractor, the VTSA Lifts Philippines, which is the official distributor of Schneider Lifts & Components in the country.

Both of these lifts can carry up to a maximum of eight persons with an approximate weight of 630 kilograms.

Following the industry standards in elevator construction today, VSU’s new elevators are equipped with automatic rescue device technology that moves and stops the cabin at the nearest floor in case of power failure or any electrical outage.

Purchase of these amenities also include after-sales support and maintenance coming from the supplier.

VSU Advanced Research and Innovation Center

This is the second elevator that can be found in the Advanced Research and Innovation Center (ARIC), the new building fronting the Philippine Root Crops Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops).

These elevators will provide easier mobility for people with disabilities (PWDs) including the elderly who wish to access the different sections of the VSU Library including the different laboratory facilities of the ARIC building.

In an interview with VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin, he said that the installation of elevators was more about being inclusive and responding to the needs of the different stakeholders of VSU.

“In designing our present and future infrastructure here in the university, we need to put ramps and elevators that will provide access to everyone. We have a growing number of students with different needs and we expect to welcome them soon on our campus when this pandemic is over. Our learning spaces should cater to these different set of needs,” the VSU President explained.

The installation of an elevator was part of the original blueprint of the VSU Library, a project that was started by former VSU President Jose L. Bacusmo. It is also the biggest library building with the widest collections of books and other reading materials in the Eastern Visayas region.

The ARIC Building, on the other hand, was planned and realized under the term of Dr. Tulin as part of VSU’s strategic direction as a science and research university.

It was VSU Tolosa that became the first campus to acquire an elevator unit within the VSU system. However, this amenity is not yet fully operational as of now because of additional electrical requirements needed to run this service.

VSU Advanced Research and Innovation Center (ARIC)

Photo inside the elevator unit located in the Advanced Research and Innovation Center (ARIC).

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