Here at VSU, we aim to provide quality service to our students by engaging them in an active learning environment centered on their success. This is one with our goal to produce highly competent, quality and world-class manpower in science and technology, especially in agriculture, environmental management and industry who are proficient in communication skills, critical thinking, and analytical abilities.

Attributes of a VSU Graduate

  • Competence
    Graduates possess relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in their chosen fields, and can apply these in the practice of their profession and in giving service to the community.
  • Resilience and Endurance
    Graduates are flexible, adaptable, and steadfast when facing challenging life situations.
  • Critical Thinking Skills
    Graduates are reflective and can critically analyze and evaluate facts, observations, and differing opinions to arrive at a sound judgment or conclusion.
  • Effective Communication Skills
    Graduates can communicate information and ideas effectively and express needs and opinions clearly to varied audiences.
  • Leadership Skills
    Graduates act professionally, and ethically, and can assume effective leadership roles in their chosen careers and in society.

• College Admission Test

Become a full-pledged Viscan and take the VSUCAT. Check the examination schedule and requirements here.

• Scholarship

Find the right grant that suits your needs.

• Student Services Office

The University Student Services Office (USSO) is ready to assist you with our welfare and development services/programs tailored to meet your student needs.

• Student Housing

Choose where to spend your college days while on campus. Stay near Mt. Pangasugan or by the Camotes Sea. 

• Supreme Student Council

Know your leaders and college representatives. 

• Student Media Organization

The Amaranth is the official student media organization of the Visayas State University. Currently, hailed as the best student publication in Region 8.

• Accredited Organizations

Involve in extra-curricular activities by joining an organization spanning from course-related, religious, greek-lettered, to interest groups. 


• Sports, Recreation, and Arts

Join our varsity team (Team Phytons) or participate in our culture and arts activities and bring pride to the university.   

• Student Bulletin

Be in the loop with university happenings and updates.

• Events

Mark your calendars. Here's what to expect for the rest of the year.

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