Above are Google Map directions on how to get to VSU.

Most of the buildings are available in that map. If you have a smartphone, VSU can also be accessed using popular map apps like Google Maps, Bing and Apple Maps. But if you want an offline map you can carry along with you, you can use Maps With Me for Google Play and iOS.

There are several ways to get to VSU's flagship campus, which is located in Baybay City, Leyte. Here are your most common routes:

From Manila via Tacloban. A MNL-TAC airplane trip will land on the Daniel Z. Romualdez airport at San Jose, Tacloban City. From there:

Ride a jeepney to 'Downtown' or the city proper for P50. Ask to be dropped at Van-Van's or Duptours terminal for a van for Baybay. Hop on a Van-van's or Duptours van en route to Maasin City, So. Leyte via Baybay city. The van fare is P150 and the trip usually takes about two hours. Once the van arrives at the Baybay City terminal, you can ride a multicab to 'Visca' (VSU's former college name) for P11. Some multicabs enter the campus. Alternatively, you can hire an entire multicab to take you inside the campus if you travel in groups of 6 or more for about P150 to P200 (depending on the passenger size of the multicab).

From Cebu via Ormoc.

There are daily trips for ferries and fast crafts from Cebu to Ormoc. Pick one that is most convenient to you. Which pier to go will vary depending on the trip you choose. These trips dock at Ormoc City port. Just outside the Ormoc City port is the terminal. Ride a bus to Baybay (P50) or a van (P70) and say your destination is 'Visca' (VSU's former college name).

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