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The College of Forestry and Environmental Science has consistently produced graduates that are in demand in government and non-government agencies. Owing to their consistent high performance in licensure examinations, the College was recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as Center of Excellence in Forestry Education.

Vision, Mission and Goals

Degree Offerings

Master of Science:

Research Thrusts

  • Vegetation Science 
  • Agroforestry
  • Farm & Community Forestry
  • Socio-economic Forestry
  • Silviculture
  • Watershed Management
  • Tree Domestication & Local Knowledge
  • Parks & Wildlife
  • Rainforestation

Extension Activities

  • Community-Based Watershed Management Program for LGUs
  • LGU/GA/NGO/PO-Partnership
  • Agroforestry/Tree Rainforestation Demo Farm Development
  • Trainings/Workshops
  • Farm/Community Visitation and Consultation
  • on-Farm Participatory Research/Extension
  • Tree seedling production & dispersal
  • Linkaging/Networking


CFNR HERBARIUM: Houses a collection of specimens of locally identified timber and lesser-known tree species (thru the ViSCA-Darwin Project)

CFNR WOOD LIBRARY: Houses a collection of wood samples of indigenous and exotic tree species for instruction

CFNR ARBORETUM: Contains a collection of identified native timber and lesser-known tree species

FOREST NURSERY: producing selected indigenous and exotic tree species to support agencies involved in reforestation and restoration of the environment

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