The College of Forestry and Environmental Science traces its humble beginnings as a small department of the then Visayas State College of Agriculture in 1975, offering both Forest Ranger Certificate and Bachelor of Science in Forestry. From a small department with only 16 students, this academic unit had grown up to maturity and became a College in 2001 under the Leyte State University with about 160 students. The College now offers the Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Master of Science in Forestry degree programs. In view of its graduates' consistent quality performance in the Licensure Examination for Foresters for the last 5 years, the College was given a recognition as CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN FORESTRY EDUCATION by the Commission on Higher Education in 2001, with a corresponding grant of Php 3 million per year for a period of 3 years.


The college as a center of excellence in forestry and allied fields in the Visayas


Sustain effective and efficient management of the Visayan forests and the environment through responsive human resource development; generation, dissemination and application of relevant knowledge and technologies for the enhancement of the general well being of the people particularly in upland rural poor communities.


  1. Promote relevant and responsive education in forestry, agroforestry, biodiversity conservation and related fields
  2. Generate appropriate knowledge and technologies for forest resources and environmental management and conservation through relevant research undertakings
  3. Sustain partnership with local communities, government and non-government organizations, private groups and funding agencies in the management and conservation of the Visayan forests and the environment
  4. Establish functional awareness and public advocacy on important socio-economic and ecological problems and issues affecting forests and environment

General Objectives:

  1. To strive for excellence in forestry education for sustainable forest management and conservation
  2. To enhance focus on high impact programs in instruction, research and extension for the well-being of small Visayan farmers particularly the upland rural poor
  3. To establish and sustain meaningful linkages with local, national and international institutions and agencies for the promotion of relevant instruction, responsive research and effective extension in forestry and allied fields

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