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As a global university, the Visayas State University is attracting outstanding foreign nationals to study, conduct research, and serve as visiting professors and researchers.

As of late, VSU has awarded degrees to students from the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. A number of students from Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia were also here to enrich their learning experiences by attending specialized classes and to conduct research.

Given the rich insights provided by VSU to foreign students, its partnership with universities abroad, and the natural beauty of the campus, VSU expects a bigger number of international students studying and conducting research students. It also hopes to attract more visiting professors and researchers to come to boost the current manpower of the university.


Prospective Students

A guide for foreign students who wish to enroll at VSU.



Outbound Viscans

The University has partnered with various international institutions for research, and faculty and student exchange.

  • Student Exchange
  • Internships
  • Faculty and Staff Exchange



Visiting Faculty/Researchers

VSU welcomes faculty/researchers from the different partner institutions who want to visit and work with VSU.

  • Application Requirements
  • Immigration Requirements



University Services

The University offers a range of services that are vital to students and the VSU community as a whole.



University Information

Here’s what you need to know about the university and its activities.



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Get to know the people behind the University's IAO.  

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