The University Student Services Office (USSO) offers the following assistance:

A. Student Welfare Programs and Services

1. Guidance and Counselling Services

  1. Information and Orientation Services
  2. Guidance Services
  3. Counseling Services
  4. Testing and Appraisal
    1. Bonafide students must pay PHP 100.00 per exam set per schedule
    2. Request for testing by private individual or company must pay PHP 250.00 per examinee per exam set
  5. Follow-up Services
  6. Evaluation and Research Services
  7. Community Extension Services

2. Career and Job Placement Services

  1. Skills registration services
  2. Job-seeking seminar
  3. Pre-employment seminar
  4. Jobs fair

3.Economic Enterprising Services


B. Student Development Programs and Services

  1. Student Organization Recognition Services
    1. Student organizations seeking recognition must comply with all the required documents and fees. A registration fee of PHP 150.00 must be paid to the Cashier
  2. Student Development Activity Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Services (e.g., Leadership and Team Building Seminars and Workshop


C.Institutional Programs and Services (facilitated by USSO)

  1. Undergraduate Admission Services
  2. Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services
  3. Student Housing services
  4. Campus Ministry services
  5. Social and Community Engagement services

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