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College of Agriculture and Food Science

  • Department of Agronomy and Soil Science
  • Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Development Communication
  • Department of Food Science & Technology
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Pest Management
  • Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

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College of Education

  • Department of Science Education
  • Department of Community Development Education
  • Department of Family and Consumer Services
  • Institute of Human Kinetics
  • VSU Laboratory High School
  • National Service Training Program

College of Engineering

  • Department of Agricultural Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology
  • Department of Geodetic Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
 cfes College of Forestry and Environmental Science

College of Management and Economics

  • Department of Business and Management
  • Department of Consumer and Hospitality Management
  • Department of Economics
 College of Nursing College of Nursing

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences
  • Department of Veterinary Paraclinical and Clinical Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences
  • Department of Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
  • Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
 Tolosa College of Fisheries
(VSU-Tolosa Campus)
 Isabel College of Industrial Technology and Engineering
(VSU-Isabel Campus)
 Alangalang College of Environmental and Agricultural Technology
(VSU-Alangalang Campus)
 Villaba College of Education and Agricultural Technology
(VSU-Villaba Campus)
 IHK Institute of Human Kinetics
 ite Institute of Tropical Ecology
 isrds Institute for Strategic Research and Development Studies

Graduate School and
Open University (Distance Education Program)