The VSU Colors

The VSU colors are green and gold. Green represents nature and the freshness of approach in any academic venture including production or collaboration; gold for the resources and achievements because of excellence in all its endeavors.

The VSU Seal

VSU Seal

The circular seal of the University bears the university's name, colors, the years 1924 when the institution was established, a flask with a plant in it on the left side symbolizing agriculture and other fields, and industry. The four interlocking columns forming a square at the middle of the seal depict the four major functions of the University which are instruction, research, extension, and production; and the arrows at the core indicate the basic principles essential to VSU's growth, which are creativity, mutual cooperation, dynamism, and systems approach in problem solving.


The VSU Emblem

The VSU emblem bears the VSU colors and seal and heralds the University's chartered existence, dedication, and strong commitment to education.


The Twin Obelisks

IMG 3578b

The twin white obelisks at the Main Campus entrance are among VSU's important landmarks that symbolize the academic programs and rural development mandate of the University. 

Both structures depict VSU's acknowledgement of providential intervention in pursuit of its programs. The obelisk at the south bears an image of the "god of the sun" and represents the field of agriculture and allied fields. The other obelisk with the "god of lightning and thunder" represents the technology and innovation in all its endeavors.


The Search for Truth

Search for Truth StatueThe Search for Truth Statue in front of the Administration Building consists of two gigantic nude figures of a man and a woman, emphasizing partnership in the quest for truth, knowledge, and the professions. Nakedness symbolizes boldness, impartiality and unemcumbered drive in seeking for truth in its academic pursuits. The statue with inscription at its footstall was conceptualized by Dr. Fernando A. Bernardo, the first President of the Visayas State College of Agriculture.

The inscription reads as follows:

"Let search for truth prevail as a dominant activity of university life. For truth is the guiding light in our paramount mission: the pursuit of excellence.

A teacher must foster intellectual curiosity among students and train them in the art and science of searching for truth to achieve excellence - whether in the classroom, in the laboratory, in nature, or in society."

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