A globally competitive university for science, technology, and environmental conservation.



Development of a highly competitive human resource, cutting-edge scientific knowledge and innovative technologies for sustainable communities and environment.


Core Values

that will serve as guide for excellence in instruction, research, extension, and production:

  • Relevance. It emphasizes pertinence and applicability of the University to the social well-being of its stakeholders. The University should continually pursue to contribute to society's intellectual, cultural and economic progress. Its scientific and technological endeavours should be shaped by the demands of society, either in the form of knowledge in basic sciences or technology derived from applied and developmental researches;
  • Integrity. The firm adherence to an upright moral code and ethical standards is vital in the University's search for truth. An institution engaged in producing quality human capital and scientific innovation must remain incorruptible in a morally challenging environment. Integrity is crucial in forging synergistic partnerships between the University and its stakeholders. Partnerships founded upon integrity practice transparency and mutual trust;
  • Truth. It is in accord with facts and reality and connotes sincerity in action, character and utterance. The character of an institution is shaped by its ability to stand by the truth and make use of it. The search for truth, the very essence of the academic institution, is the backbone of the scientific process where certainty of results is tested against all known facts. The University is an institution that stands by the truth, reasons in accordance with facts and manifests sincerity in utterance, action and character; and
  • Excellence. A value that centers on the imminent goodness of the quality of services, systems, and outputs of the University. An institution that consistently lives by excellent standards in anything that it does is effective in its search for truth and delivery of socially-relevant, scientific and technological contributions. The stakeholders of the University that includes its students, producers and industries deserve nothing but the best that the institution can offer.



  • WORLD-CLASS EDUCATION. Visayas State University (VSU) will be recognized as one of the premier universities in Asia, offering affordable world-class education to produce highly competent human resources in science and technology (S&T), especially for agriculture, environmental management and industries.

  • GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE S&T. Research is the engine of innovation. Technologies and the information generated by research improve the socio-economic status and build the resilience of vulnerable groups.

  • EMPOWERED COMMUNITIES. The instruction and research programs of VSU contribute to societal progress, but it is through its extension programs that the university brings about a direct and immediate effect on society. In the next 10 years, VSU will strengthen its community engagement for community empowerment.

  • SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE GENERATION. The university is endowed with vast natural resources and pool of experts vital for creating income-generating projects that will help augment the resources provided by the government. The challenge is to strike a balance between continuing the pursuit of excellence while maintaining environmental conditions that will support present and future generations.

  • CLIENT-CENTERED GOVERNANCE. More exciting opportunities in exchange of information in science and technology come in positioning VSU in the arena of ASEAN integration. We embrace the responsibility as a research university to build up experts engaged in effectively serving our clients – parents, students, farmers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and technologists by making our science and technology products more accessible.

  • VERSATILE SPACES FOR INNOVATION. Spaces are important for innovation. We would like to build upon the lessons of VSU’s visionary leaders: versatile spaces are conducive for deliberate and serendipitous encounters where great ideas brew and flow.

  • STRONG ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT. VSU alumni are college graduates of BNAS, VAC, ViSCA, and VSU as well as secondary school graduates of ERHS, VLHS, and VSULHS, all organized into the VSU Alumni Association. Students who did not finish their college education at VSU will be considered associate members if they desire to apply as such.



  • To strive for excellence in agriculture education for regional and rural development.
  • To sharpen its focus on impact programs and projects in instruction, research, and the application of new knowledge for the well-being of the small Visayan farmers and rural families.
  • To build enduring linkages with national and international institutions and agencies for the promotion of relevant instruction, meaningful research, and effective transmission of useful knowledge in the rural communities in the Visayas.

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