The VSU (main campus) is situated in Barangay Pangasugan, 8 km north of the City of Baybay, Leyte and 34 km south of Ormoc City. It is accessible from both directions because the national road cuts across the University campus. It can also be reached from various points in Leyte either by air through Tacloban City airport (116 km away) or by sea through the ports of Baybay City, Ormoc City, Hilongos (43 km), and Bato (50 km).

Manpower Capabilities

As of January 2002, the VSU main campus had a total of 261 faculty members (95 PhDs, 115 MS, and 51 BS), 175 (67%) of whom had permanent employment status. Some (52) members of the faculty were detailed in research centers and two were on secondment.

There were 296 (1 Ph.D., 15 MS, 126 BS, 44 graduate of certificate courses, 30 college level, 71 high school level, and 9 elementary level) regular administrative staff.

Physical Features

The VSU-Main Campus has a total land area of 1,099.4 hectares that extends from the shore of Camotes Sea to the top of Mt. Pangasugan. It comprises the following:

  • Campus Grounds - 61.6 ha.
  • Research/Experiments - 94.0 ha.
  • Instruction - 3.0 ha.
  • Production Area - 104.3 ha.
  • Pasture Area - 114.0 ha.
  • Forest Reservation - 574.2 ha.
  • Coconut - 62.3 ha.
  • Abaca - 25.0 ha.
  • Rice - 7.0 ha.
  • Orchard - 5.0 ha.
  • Corn - 3.0 ha.
  • Coffee - 2.0
  • Roads, Creeks/Marshy Areas - 44.0 ha.



The University main campus has 188 buildings: 21 student dormitories, 75 staff houses, 17 academic buildings, 2 Administration buildings, and 63 others which include the Main Library, Student Union, Convention Center, Center for Continuing Education, Infirmary, Guesthouse, Hostel, Pavilion, Cebu and Manila offices, market, cafeteria, high school, elementary, workshop, DA auxiliary, gymnatorium, marine laboratory, fuel depot, powerhouse, motor pool, garage, nurseries, barns, and 9 research/training centers as follows:

  • Philippine Root Crop Research and Training Center (PRCRTC)
  • National Abaca Research Center (NARC)
  • National Coconut Research Center (NCRC) - Visayas
  • Farm and Resource Management Institute (FARMI)
  • Institute for Strategic Research and Development Studies (ISRDS)
  • Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) - Leyte
  • Agricultural Training Institute-National Training Center (ATI-NTC) - Visayas
  • Multi-Media Development Center (MMDC)
  • Institute of Tropical Ecology and Environmental Management (ITEEM)

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