We take environmental conservation seriously.

The vision of Visayas State University is to be a globally competitive university of science, technology, and environmental conservation. VSU started as a small agricultural school before taking off to be an internationally renowned university for agriculture and allied fields. We understand deeply the need to care for the environment because of our thrusts in sustainable agriculture.

Minimizing and Recycling Waste

At VSU, we have implemented policies that guide our constituents in managing waste more responsibly:

  • Waste segregation and disposal. We segregate waste at the office level, which is then collected by our garbage trucks for proper disposal. Our Landscape and Waste Management Unit assists in planning, implementation, and monitoring of all repair and maintenance activities including landscape, cleanliness of roads and grounds, and garbage collection. Our Sanitation and Waste Management Committee (SWMC)  plans and helps implement proper waste management and disposal in the campus.
  • No to single-use plastics. We have banned the use of single-use plastics, especially at our university market. Staff and students bring their own bags and containers when buying items from the market. 

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Conserving Energy

We are moving towards cleaner energy, just as we also make efforts to conserve electricity.

  • Imposing energy conservation measures, like turning off the lights and airconditioning units when not needed.
  • Building design. Most of our buildings are designed to conserve energy, with spaces at the center to allow for better airflow in and out of windows and doors.

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Saving Water

VSU has its own water source, coming from the abundant supply from Mt. Pangasugan and the Leyte cordilleras. It is also said that VSU's water is one of the sweetest waters in the country. Still, residents are encouraged to conserve water.

  • Careful monitoring of water facilities to prevent and address leakages.
  • A minimal fee of $1 per household for maintenance and operating expenses
  • Fishponds and other man-made structures using VSU water are strongly discouraged

Going Around Green

The experience of going around the university campus is distinct.

  • We are a "dark green school". The Environmental Education Network of the Philippines, Inc. dubbed VSU as a Dark Green School to "recognize and affirm the efforts of educational institutions from the college, high school and elementary levels with the most comprehensive environmental programs and activities."
  • When the campus was built, it was originally designed to be a pedestrian campus. The intent was to minimize gas and noise pollution from cars.
  • Tuyok. In Cebuano, "tuyok" means to "go around", an apt name for VSU's biodiesel vehicles used to transport people around the campus. Launched in 2018, four vehicles of VSU's Transport Loop System ply the campus every day to ferry passengers around VSU's large university campus. VSU charges a minimal fee similar to multicabs.
  • Carpooling. When traveling outside the campus, VSU merges official trips of its staff to save fuel.

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