Segregate at source, no littering, no burning.

The VSU Office of the President announces new policies about the proper disposal of solid waste in the university October 2, Friday.

OP Memorandum no. 55 series of 2013 outlines in seven points the main policies that VSU will implement immediately. This memo comes after the VSU Biodegradable Waste and Plastic Reduction Committee "has been created to conduct consultation meetings with different sectors of the VSU community."

These are the basic rules that are covered in the memo:

  1. Secregate at source. Everyone must segregate their solid wastes to a) biodegradable and b) non-biodegradable. The catch: the garbage men will not collect unsegregated waste.
  2. Provide your own trash bins. You must take care of it too, like properly covering it to "prevent waste scavengers" from it.
  3. Food and kitchen waste may either be thrown as biodegradable waste, or use it yourself as compost. Or the university can use it at our composting facility.
  4. No littering anywhere in the university.
  5. The university will recycle whatever can be recyclable: either brought to our Material Recover Facility or turned over to junk dealers.
  6. No burning of solid wastes.
  7. There will be a garbage collection schedule (see attached memo).


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