Title and Description of Courses                                                                                                       Units

Major Courses – 21 units (minimum)

TREC205-Biological Diversity of Tropical Ecosystems                                                     3

TREC206- Sociological Systems                                                                                           3

TREC207- Tropical Geomorphology and Geo-ecology                                                      3

TREC208 -Ecosystems Analysis                                                                                            3

TREC209- Natural Resource Management and Conservation.                           3

FORY224 – Environmental Impact Assessment                                                                 3

STAT210 – Statistics for Biological Sciences                                                                     3

Minor/Cognate Courses –9 units (courses from another field of specialization)

TREC299 - Graduate Seminar                                                                                                 1

TREC300- Master’s Thesis                                                                                                      6


Major                                ___       21

Minor/Cognate               ___        9

Graduate Seminar         ___        1

Master’s Thesis            ___         6


Total No. of Units Required                   37

a) Not more than 6 units of 100 level courses may be credited for the degree program
b) Odd and even numbered courses are offered during the first and second semester of the school year, respectively.
c) After the first term, graduate students are required to form their Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) and prepare their Plan of Course Work ( PCW). Forms can be secured at the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.