The Institute of Tropical Ecology and Environmental Management has two divisions dedicated to research, development, and extension:

  • Terrestrial Ecosystems Division
  • Aquatic Ecosystems Division

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Degree Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
Master of Science in Tropical Ecology

 Terrestrial Ecosystems Division

  • Natural resources management & conservation
  • Forest-and agro-ecosystem processes and dynamics
  • Biodiversity inventory and conservation
  • Environmental pollution assessment and remediation
  • Anthropogenic impact on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Solid waste management

Research Activities

Aquatic Ecosystem Division

  • Community-based coastal resources management
  • Environmental restoration and rehabilitation
  • Resource stock assessment and mapping
  • Aquatic ecosystem process and mapping
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Aquatic biotechnology
  • Oceanographic/limnologic database establishment
  • Aquaculture/mariculture

Research & Extension Activities

ITEEM Trainings, Seminars, and Workshops