Research Activities

Community-Based Coastal Resources Management Program - The rapid deterioration of coastal marine resources spurred the implementation of the community-Based Coastal Resources Management (CB-CRM) program. Its major objective is to come up with a holistic coastal resources management plan to answer the needs and environmental-friendly development.

  • Socio-Economic Survey
  • Environment Education
  • Community Organizing
  • Capability Building
  • Technical Support and Alternative Livelihood Establishment
  • Networking
  • Marine Sanctuary Establishment, Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Assessment of the Population, Reproductive and Fishery Biology of Commercially Important Invertebrate Resources of Leyte and Samar.

Extension Activities

Sustaining Local Management of Coastal Resources in Leyte

Pre-implementation diagnosis of sustaining CRM in Baybay, Leyte

  • Initial conceptualization meetings
  • Monitoring and evaluation of marine sanctuaries and artificial reefs and coastal clean-up
  • Law enforcement and regulation
  • Livelihood project

Strengthening the Cuatro Islas marine alternative livelihood projects

  • Evaluation of the Cuatro Islas alternative livelihood project