The Institute of Tropical Ecology was approved by the ViSCA Board of Trustees in May 1998 to undertake and promote ecological education, research and extension in the Visayas. It is task to sustain and continue the ecological and environmental research and development activities of the university.


A center of excellence in tropical ecology to serve as an instrument for the attainment of a balanced environment for the present and future generations.


Attainment of the well-being of the people in the Visayas through effective and highly developed resources and the generation, dissemination and application of relevant knowledge and technology in tropical ecology.


  • To produce quality manpower in tropical ecology.
  • To generate appropriate knowledge and technologies for the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • To disseminate appropriate and sustainable technologies for the well being of farmer and fisherfolk.
  • To establish lasting linkages and cooperation with local, national, and international institutions and agencies involved in sustainable management of natural resources in tropical ecology.
  • To establish and maintain development-oriented and income-generating projects as model in resource management and entrepreneurship.

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