School Year 2022-23

Course-Related Organizations

  1. AB English Language Students Society (ABELSS)
  2. Aspiring & Dedicated Artists for Restoration of National Arts (ADARNA)
  3. Agronomy Majors Association (AMA)
  4. Association of Plant Breeding Majors (APBM)
  5. Bachelor of Physical Education Students Society (PBed SS)
  6. Computer Science Students Society (CSSS)
  7. Development Communicators' Society (DeCSo)
  8. Forestry Student Society (FSS)
  9. Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines-VSU Chapter (GEP-VSU Chapter)
  10. Helpers in Outreaching Mother Earth's Stability (HOMES)
  11. Interact Society
  12. Kapisanan ng mga Filipino Majors (KaFiM)
  13. League of Science Majors (LeSciM)
  14. League of Exemplary English Students (LEXES)
  15. Mentors' Guild
  16. Organization of Biology Students (OBiOS)
  17. Organization of Soil Science Majors (OSSM)
  18. Philippine Association of Food Technologists-Kappa Students Chapter (PAFT-KSC)
  19. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers-VSU Student Chapter (PICE-VSU SC)
  20. Philippine Society of Agriculture & Biosystems Engineers-VSU Student Chapter (PSABE-VSU SC)
  21. Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers-VSU Student Unit (PSME-VSU SU)
  22. Plant Protection Majors Association (PPMA)
  23. Society of Agri-Business Students (SABS)
  24. Society of Animal Science Students (SASS)
  25. Society of Hospitality & Tourism Students (SHOTS)
  26. Torah
  27. Truth Seekers Society
  28. VSU Agricultural Extension Society (VSU AgExSo)
  29. VSU Applied Physics Society (VSU APS)
  30. VSU Biotechnological Society (VSU BioTech)
  31. VSU Chemical Society (VSU ChemSoc)
  32. VSU Graduate Students Society (VSU GSS)
  33. VSU Meteorological Society (VSU MetSoc)
  34. VSU Statistical Society (VSU SS)
  35. Young Economists Society

Interest Organizations

  1. Association of Rodeo Enthusiasts in Visca (AREV)
  2. Banaag Visual Arts Group
  3. Baybay Writers Collective

Religious Organizations

  1. Ambassadors for Christ (AC)
  2. Adventist Ministry to College & University Students (AMICUS)
  3. Bible Believers Youth Force (BBYF)
  4. Christian Brotherhood International (CBI)
  5. Cru Student Leaders in Campus
  6. Lakas Angkan (LA)
  7. Students Proclaiming a Righteous King & Savior (SPARKS)
  8. The Builders
  9. VSU Students of Destiny (VSU SOD)

Supreme Student Council

  1. University Supreme Student Council Federation (USSCF)
  2. University Supreme Student Council-Baybay Campus
  3. College of Agriculture & Food Sciences Supreme Student Council (CAFS SSC)
  4. College of Arts & Sciences Supreme Student Council (CAS SSC)
  5. College of Education Supreme Student Council (CoEd SSC)
  6. College of Engineering & Technology Supreme Student Council (CET SSC)
  7. College of Forestry & Environmental Sciences (CFES SSC)
  8. College of Management & Economics Supreme Student Council (CME SSC)
  9. College of Nursing Supreme Student Council (CN SSC)
  10. College of Veterinary Medicine Supreme Student Council (CVM SSC)

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