The Department of Statistics (DepStat) offers the Bachelor of Science in Statistics program. DepStat also prides in its expert services in design of experiments and sample surveys, statistical analyses to students and researchers of VSU, as well as those from other universities and colleges, government agencies and non-government organizations. The Department also conducts trainings on statistical methods and statistical analyses to interested clients.

Vision, Mission & Goals

Course offered

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

The BS Statistics Program Components

  • Theory
    • Mathematical statistics
  • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Survey sampling
    • Experimental designs
    • Time series analysis
  • Statistical modeling
  • Statistical Computing

The BS Statistics Program at VSU

  • Provides students with a thorough understanding of the theory and applications of statistics using varied statistical software
  • Taught by highly qualified faculty in Statistics (3 with PhD in Statistics, 2 with MS in Statistics, and 2 with BS in Statistics )
  • With state-of-the-art Statistical Computing Laboratory installed with licensed Stata software and freeware (R)
  • Can be completed under a low cost of living and low tuition fee of P6,000.00/semester
  • Offered by one of the most scenic universities in the country

Employability of Statistics Graduates

  • Hired in various industries for:
  • Generating data
  • Accumulating large amount of data
  • Using these data in making business decisions
  • Absorbed in all sectors:
  • Government (official statistics, planning, policy-making)
  • Academe (instruction and research)
  • Financial sector
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Market research
  • Manufacturing (quality control)
  • Global support service centers (as programmer, modeler, data manager, and data miner)

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