Title and Description of CoursesUnits
Major Courses – 20 units (minimum)
300 level courses:
PPAT372 – Biological Control of Plant Pathogens 3
PPAT381 – Biotechnology in Plant Pathology 3
PPAT390 – Special Problem2
PPAT391 – Special Topics 1-3
200 level courses *
Minor/Cognate Courses –12 units (courses from 1 or 2 other fields of specialization)
PPAT399 – Graduate Seminar1
PPAT400 – Doctoral Dissertation12

Graduate Seminar1
Doctoral Dissertation12
Special Skills ** (6)
Total No. of Units Required45


*Refer to Master of Science in Plant Pathology Curriculum Guide

**As prescribed by the Graduate Advisory Committee

  1. Cognate/minor courses are courses of 1 or 2 other field(s) of specialization
  2. Odd and even numbered courses are offered during the first and second semester of the school year, respectively.
  3. After the first term, graduate students are required to form their Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) andPlan of Course Work ( PCW). Forms can be secured at the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.