This VSU Style Manual for Graduate Manuscripts is intended toThis VSU Style Manual for Graduate Manuscripts is intended toprovide graduate faculty and graduate students with a helpful referenceand guide on how to write a thesis or dissertation manuscript and anarticle for publication in a refereed journal. It includes an overview,standard procedure in the approval of the manuscript, writing themanuscript and citing references in the text.It also presents a wide range of style regulations, from specifyingtext to the presentation of tables and figures, from specifying margins tothe exact spacing of section headings, from rules on page numbers toprescribing the set of pages/sections that must be included in everydissertation/thesis. All regulations specified in this manual must besatisfied in order for a dissertation or thesis to be approved by the Graduate School. It has also an active link for samples where graduatestudents can access and easily follow in writing their manuscript.We hope that this manual will be of great help to all our graduatestudents especially in processing their thesis or dissertation manuscripts.

BOR Approved VSU Style Manual For Graduate Manuscripts

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