Application for Admission Fee P 100.00
Tuition (per unit) & Lab. Fee  
  • Regular Offering
P 200.00/unit
P 250.00/unit
  • Weekend classes w/ min. of 8 students
P 350.00/unit
    Laboratory Fee
P 400.00/lab.
  • Extramural
P 300.00/unit
P 150.00
    Library Fee
P 120.00/sem
P 100.00/sem
    Medical/Dental Fee
P 100.00/sem
    Registration/Matriculation Fee
P 100.00/sem
    VSU ID*
P 100.00
    Educational Development Fee (For weekday class)
P 150.00

(For weekend class)

P 1,000.00
    Facilities Improvement Fee
P 100.00
    Cultural Fee
P 50.00
    Entrance Fee*
P 100.00
Other Fees  
  • Residence Fee
P 350.00
  • Thesis/Dissertation/Special Problem Completion**
P 350.00
  • Examination Fee (Comprehensive)
P 20,000.00
    M.S. (with thesis)
P 15,000.00
    MEd, MMGT, M.Ag.Dev (without thesis)
P 10,000.00
  • Non Registration Related Fees
    Graduation Fee
P 350.00
    Diploma Fee
P 300.00
    Fee for change of program/degree
P 25.00
  • Kanlaon Dormitory
P 1750.00/sem

*for new students only
**after having of dissertation work for Ph.D. students 

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