•  VSU Grad School holds echo-seminar on Outcome-Based Education
    VSU Grad School holds echo-seminar on Outcome-Based Education


The 25 members of the choir carefully and meticulously hit the notes of every piece and harmonically blended the four voices (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) and sometimes came up with eight voices (soprano 1, soprano 2, alto 1, alto 2, tenor 1, tenor 2, bass 1, and bass 2) to produce melodic sounds soothing to the ears which the spectators really appreciated.After the concert, the CAC staff distributed evaluation forms to some randomly-selected audience and most of the feedbacks received were: excellent performance, very entertaining that captured the hearts of the audience, very good voices with excellent blending, performance was upbeat and superb, stage set-up blended with the colorful and beautiful uniform of performers, a more varied choreography would enhance the production numbers, needs a new set of costumes, and good song choices but sometimes the boys are overwhelmed by the girls.The one and a-half-hour show entertained the audience as they performed 15 songs entitled "Prayer of St. Francis", "Ay Ay Ay Pag-Ibig", "You Raise Me Up", "Go the Distance", "Tayong Dalawa", "Anak", "Only You", "Rosas Pandan", "Waway", "Pobreng Alindahaw", "Lisoi,Lisoi", "Manang Biday", "Waray-Waray", "Bahay Kubo", and "Kruhay".

Added attractions to the concert were the performances from Rejie Tuyor who rendered two popular love songs through his dextrose hand in a guitar solo; a vocal solo by Jeruel Espinazo, Jude Rola, and Bunny Charisse Andoy; and a vocal duet by Richard Varron and Honeylyn Paler.

The concert was directed by Mr. Baldos and choreographed by Mr. Lomel Abarquez with Mr. Jed Asaph Cortez as pianist under the production of the VSU Culture and the Arts Center.