•  VSU Grad School holds echo-seminar on Outcome-Based Education
    VSU Grad School holds echo-seminar on Outcome-Based Education

The 2015 Batch of graduates who will also march with Latin honors are as follows:

(Magna Cum Laude) Lisa I.Arce  (BS in Agriculture [BSA]-Plant Breeding) – 1.224, Karl John A. Galvez (BS in Economics [BSEcon]) – 1.288, Raian Mark P. Valenzona (Bachelor of Secondary Education [BSEd]-Math) – 1.322, Joseph B. Pilapil (BS in Development Communication [BSDC]-Development Journalism) – 1.333, Rachell B. Vinculado (BS in Statistics [BSS]) – 1.365, Ria Jayne A. Tabinas (BS in Food Technology [BSFT]) – 1.368, Rubie H. Kailing (Bachelor of Elementary Education [BEEd]) – 1.383, Irose Mae G. Boniel (BSEcon) – 1.392, Julevan S. Salva (BSDC-Community Broadcasting) – 1.422, Ruby Ana B. Arevalo (Bachelor of Animal Science [BAS]) – 1.428, and Louraine A. Salabao (BS in Biology [BSBio]) – 1.432;

(Cum Laude) Lilane A. Cutanda (BSChem), Cristine C. Cabasisi (BS in Agribusiness [BSAB]), Mark Lester Q. Escalera (BSEd-BioSci), Rey G. Comabig (BSDC-Educational Communication Technology), Gracielle Dawn L. Gamotin (BSAB), Cesar D. Pabia Jr. (BSAB), Joshun E. Baylon (BSAB), Ahldeter S. Mantua (BSEd-Math), Reciel Ann B. Tanaid (BSFT), Noe B. Mejasco (BS in Development Education [BSDE]-Agricultural Extension), Jessa D. Lim (BEEd), Russelle M. Pilos (BSDE-AgExtn), Joanna Cristy A. Noynay (BSEd-BioSci), Chinelo M. Cardaño (BS in Biotechnology [BSBiotech]), Queencess Izra G. Aranas (BSEd-MAPE), Leira B. Romero (BSEcon), Kenneth O. Eco (BSBio), Harvonah May C. Noval (BSAB), Jemimah Leah A. Itumay (BSChem),

Rexter L. Fernandez (BSEd-BioSci), Marjorie D. Elbiña (BS in Forestry [BSF]), Melody Rose B. Taladoc (BSAB), Ivy S. Donayre (BSEd-PhySci), Ladie Genesis B. Armecin (BSBiotech), Jay Carl A. Cacerez (BS in Agricultural Chemistry [BSAC]), Jason D. Braga (BSFT), Mariel G. Sacro (BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management [BSHRTM]), Claire Larzen Z. Tello (BSEcon),  Quennie Ann O. Berdos (BS in Computer Science [BSCS]), Junnel G. Gandia (BSHRTM), Antonio Paulo C. Calixto IV (BSEd-BioSci), Randee O. Magallanes (BSEd-PhySci), Leomar D. Tabaloc (BSChem), Chrisalyne S. Malasaga (BEEd), Ervin B. Gasatan (BSAB), Justin M. Lopez (BSEd-BioSci), Juris May M. Monteverde (BSA-Plant Protection), Zael B. Casundo (BEEd), Fretzeljane O. Olor (BSBio), Meliza R. Llano (BSAB), Emma N. Legaspi (BEEd),

Christine Mae C. Capuras (BSEd-BioSci), Joel  E. Conde (BSEd-MAPE), Anastacio  T. Cagabhion III (BSFT), Giannelli Anne E. Castañas (BSChem), Dominic Lloyd F. Batis (BEEd), Rosie Jane R. Elardo (BSEd-MAPE), Ariel O. Nopal (BSEd-PhySci), Roda  G.  Capacao (BSA-Plant Protection), Jaynelyn B. Bagaipo (BSHRTM), Rhea Jenny A. Ogalesco (BSDC-ECT), Michelle R. Jaca (BSEd-BioSci), Rizamay S. Sabenorio (BSAB), Rina C. Alde (BSA-Plant Breeding), Bennise Jade Mae S. Vijuan (BEEd), Jollibee Heducos (BSEd-BioSci), Richell  D. Eyana (BSCS), Ma. Irene L. Conopio (BEEd), Rachelle Mae B. Arape (BSAB), Jehneva L. Rufin (BEEd), Clar Don L. Evangelio (BS in Civil Engineering [BSCE]),  Maria Norfrelij J. Cuadra (BSFT), Elsie M. Velmonte (BSFT), Bobby James S. Dagatan (BSEd-MAPE), Harold Ivan P. Sanico (BSEd-MAPE),

Michelle S. Dagwan (BSAB), Andy Phil D. Cortes (BSCE), Kristal Fatima A. Orapa (BEEd), Aivy May D. Milan (BSHRTM), Michelle Aubrey R. Domingo (BSEcon), Aluna Mae M. Apas (BSEd-Math), Karl Marlou M. Bantaculo (BSFT), Gonzalo O. Recosana Jr. (BSF), Nello N. Lowangco Jr. (BSAB), Kyza Mae M. Ramoneda (BSBiotech), Sofia F. Abasola (BSAB), Joel T. Alibangbang (BSHRTM), Luisa C. Paraboles (BAS), Jerwin I. Lipayon (BSCS), Charmaine T. Parac (BSAB), Dyana Rose T. Milleza (BSChem), Irene Jean C. Lagumbay (BSBio), Ma. Chona S. Patulilic (BSChem), Francisco T. Lutao Jr.  (BSAB), Cristy B. Paglinawan (BEEd),  Maria Rayjen O. Maurillo (BEEd), Gerald P. Gogo (BSCE), Angel C. Ostera (BEEd), Marejen A. Villaremo (BSDE-AgExtn), Rosemarie P. Pastoril (BSEd-BioSci), Meriam O. Pales (BSCS), Stephanie Jessa P. Tagaytay (BSFT), Analie P. Betonio (BSDE-AgExtn), Jessa H. Ruales (BSEcon), Cindy D. Miao (BSEd-Math), and Klaire Ciarra G. Sangco (BSEcon).                                      

Moreover, four graduating students in the Certificate of Agriculture Science (CAS) course who excelled academically will also receive medals.  They are Mark Anthony M. Barbadillo (With High Honors), Melfran B. Paculaba (With Honors), EmillaMahilum (With Honors), and Amelita M. Gatdula (With Honors).  JFMBaldos