The Visayas State University Main Campus is in need of:

(to be designated as Training Coordinator)


Salary Grade:     16
Basic Salary:      P 322,536.00/ per annum
Status:                Permanent


  • EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree relevant to the job
  • EXPERIENCE: 1 year relevant experience in training management and coordination and resource speaker expertise
  • TRAINING: 4 hours of relevant training
  • ELIGIBILITY: Carrier Service Professional (2nd level elig.)

Qualified candidates will be subjected to skills test in training management and coordination and actual demonstration as resource speaker

Applicants should also possess the following core competencies:

  1. Exemplifying integrity - Demonstrates compliance to policies, rules and other standards set by the Visayas State University.
  2. Solving Problems & Decision making - Provides timely solutions to problems & decisions dilemmas that have clear-cut option and/or choices & whose solutions are available and can be accessed from a database or gleaned from the existing policy or process.
  3. Delivering Service Excellence - Complies with VSU's established standard of delivery or service level agreements & delivers explicit requirements of customers
  4. Demonstrating Personal Effectiveness - Recognizes personal strengths and gaps and depends on guidance from authorities or appropriate bodies for direction in addressing them.
  5. Speaking Effectively - Effectively delivers messages that simply focus on data, facts or information & requires minimal preparation or can be supported by available communication materials
  6. Writing Effectively - Refers to and/ or uses existing communication materials or templates to produce own written work
  7. Championing & applying innovation - Demonstrates an awareness of basic principles of innovation.
  8. Planning & Delivering - Designs & implements plans; focuses on one's functional group or area of focus & involving team members from the same group
  9. Managing information - Works with data to generate relevant information.

Interested applicants must send their application letter and resume together with evidence of managing and coordinating training and seminar workshops, conducting training needs survey and preparing training designs not later than February 16, 2015 to:


Office of the Director for Administration & Human Resource Development
Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay City, Leyte

Director, ODA-HRD



Vice President for Adm. and Finance


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