Through the years, the Department of Business and Management (DBM) continues to provide students with relevant expertise in the field of agribusiness and business management to meet and serve the demands of agro-industries in the country. 

DBM carries out VSU’s mandate in agricultural development and thus, focuses most of its research programs on regional commodities such as vegetables, jackfruit, cereals, small ruminants, agroforestry, tropical ecology/environmental resource management and socio-economics. Its research activities are initiated by its faculty members, some of whom are affiliate researchers in different national research centers including the Phillippine Root Crop Research and Training Center (PhilRootcrops), Abaca National Research Center (NARC), and the National Coconut Research Center – Visayas (NCRC-V).

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Course Offered

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness


Research Agenda

DBM's research activities adhere to VSU’s RDE principle of integration, inter-disciplinary, inter-department/center and interagency partnership/collaboration. Collaborative interagency projects are implemented after a memorandum of understanding is made and terms of reference are agreed.  RDE collaborators and external funding institutions are from international (ACIAR, GTZ/GIZ, etc), national (PCAARRD, DA-BAR, DOST, NRCP, CHED-HEDF, etc), regional (DA 8, DOH, CHED, etc.) and institutional (VSU, and other SUCs) agencies, non-government organizations, and local government units. 

  • VSU Tourism Development Plan
  • Product identification, development, and promotion
  • Enterprise development plan for the establishment of the VSU Green Mountain Resort
  • Developing feasibility studies’ business plans etc. under the SBAU of DBM
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship and RDE skills
  • Proper record keeping (enterprise budgeting, accounting, auditing, income statement, etc.)
  • Coping mechanism/adaptation strategies for climate change impact among LGUs and households
  • Assessment of policy implementation
  • Assessment of climate-resilient production systems
 Environment and Natural Resources Management
  • Governance and management models
  • Land and water use plans
  • Economic analysis of ENRM options
  • Governance and management models
  • Economic analysis of power generation, transmission and distribution, and alternative energy sources
  • Assessment of policy implementation
  • Economic analysis of K+12 program
  • Assessment of facilities utilization and manpower needs
  • Assessment of alternative learning systems
 Agriculture, food, and fisheries policy research
  • Economic analysis of devleoped technologies
  • Impact assessment of VSU technologies
  • Assessment of policies related to AFF
  • Supply/value chain improvement studies in crop and livestock

Student development

Learn about the career opportunities for BSAB graduates and the Society of Agribusiness Students that can help you get by with your college education at VSU. 


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