Welcome to the Society of Agribusiness Students, an organization for students enrolled in the BSAB curriculum. 

Membership to the organization is voluntary. Check out our annual activities below:

  • SABS Valentine's Express - a fund-raising activity organized every Valentines Day.
  • SABS Entrepreneurial Booth - a week-long fund-raising activity organized during the VSU Anniversary. 
  • Alay-Linis - a clean-up activity in the campus done as the organization's service to the university.
  • Bundle of Joy - we give gifts to the indigents in nearby communities during the Christmas season. 
  • Educational Field Trip - SABS members go on an educational field trip to business firms in Cebu as an orientation to the real business arena 
  • Tribute to BSAB Graduates - We pay tribute to our big brothers and sisters before their graduation
  • BSAB Freshmen Orientation - SABS co-sponsors this activity with the Department of Business Management to help BSAB freshmen get by with college education at VSU
  • Organizational meetings - these are held periodically to inform/update members about organizational matters.
  • Induction and Acquaintance Party - a party to welcome new members to the organization. 
  • Tutorial Services - We provide tutorial services in math, calculus, accounting among other courses as per request. 
  • Other Service Activities - SABS members assist in department-based trainings, seminars and other activities by acting as facilitators and co-organizers


Career opportunities for BSAB graduates

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers in agri-industrial firms
  • Researchers in government and private firms
  • Bank Loan Appraisers
  • Project planners, evaluators or consultants
  • Fields supervisors or workers
  • Sales representatives
  • Market analysts
  • Research and Extension Activities