1. Distance learners may take four courses equivalent to 12 units every semester, provided that they have performed satisfactorily and/or complied with the requirements of the courses taken the previous semester. Otherwise, they shall only be allowed to enroll one to two courses to give ample time to complete the lacking requirements.

  2. Tuition fee is PHP300/unit. The students are required to pay a minimum of PHP1000 upon enrolment. The remaining balance shall be paid before taking the final examination. Study guides per course must also be paid in full, including postage and handling charges, upon enrollment

  3. Enrollees under this scheme are required to report to the VSU Main Campus in Baybay City, Leyte, once a year to attend the two-week summer consultation dialogue, personally meet professors, discuss teaching-learning problems, and comply course requirements. Students, however, are always welcome to visit or communicate with their respective professors anytime of the year.

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