Title and Description of CoursesUnits
Core Course – 6 units
AGDE201 – Rural Development Theories and Approaches 3
AGDE202 – Problems and Issues in Agricultural and Rural Dev’t. 3
Major Courses – 24 units (minimum)
AGEC211 – Statistical Methods3
AGEC213 – Price and Allocation Theory3
ECON214 – National Income and employment3
ECON215 – Econometrics3
AGEC248 – Research in Agricultural Economics3
AGEC222 – Agricultural Production Economics3
AGEC235 – Agricultural Resource Economics3
AGEC241 – Agricultural Prices3
Other Options:
AGEC210 – Resource Utilization and Farm Business Analysis3
AGEC221 – Advanced Farm Management3
AGEC231 – Project Feasibility Studies3
AGEC244 – Economics of Agricultural Marketing3
AGEC291 – Special Topics1-3
Minor/Cognate Courses – 9 units (courses from another field of specialization)
AGEX299 – Graduate Seminar1
AGEX290 –Special Problem 2

Core Courses6
Graduate Seminar1
Special Problem2
Total No. of Units Required42


  1. Not more than 6 units of 100 level courses may be credited for the degree program
  2. Odd and even numbered courses are offered during the first and second semester of the school year, respectively.
  3. After the first term, graduate students are required to form their Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) and prepare their Plan of Course Work (PCW). Forms can be secured at the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.