Master of Agricultural Development

Language Teaching

Core Courses – 6 units

AGDE 201        Rural Development Theories and Approaches

AGDE 202        Problems and Issues in Agricultural and Rural Development


MAJOR COURSES (minimum of 24 units)

LTNG 205        Related Activities in Language Teaching

LTNG 207        Introductory Linguistics

LTNG 209        Second Language Teaching Approaches and Methodologies

LTNG 211        Teaching Literature

LTNG 212        Techniques in Advanced Composition

LTNG 214        Teaching Reading

LTNG 216        Teaching Speech Communication

LTNG 218        Sociolinguistics

LTNG 221        Language Testing

LTNG 223        English for Specific Purposes

LTNG 225        Psycholinguistics

LTNG 227        Instructional Materials Development for Special Academic Needs

LTNG 291        Special Topics


Minor/Cognate Courses – 9 units (courses from another field of specialization)

LTNG 299        Graduate Seminar

LTNG 290        Special Problem

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