In November 1974, the Department of Economics was created by the first Board of Trustees of the then Visayas State College of Agriculture (ViSCA). It was once named as the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness under the College of Agriculture. Over the years, the department has continued to provide the needed economics and agricultural economics expertise in the university and its clienteles.


As center of excellence in economics and agricultural economics in the Visayas.


Attainment of high quality manpower resources and scientific knowledge in economics and agricultural economics needed for sustained growth and development of agriculture and allied fields.


  1. Produce highly competent manpower in economics and agricultural economics to serve the development needs of the region;
  2. Conduct economic analysis and assessment of various technologies, programs, and projects to enhance the transfer of agro-industrial technologies for sustainable development;
  3. Assist and promote awareness and policy advocacy on relevant socio-economics issues;
  4. Promote sustainable development-oriented and viable income-generating projects as models for instruction and income generation; and
  5. Strengthen the physical and manpower capability of the unit for efficient and effective delivery of instruction, research, extension, and income generation activities.

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