Center of excellence for human resource training and research in education and allied fields.


Develop and produce component professionals to undertake research, extension, educational and entrepreneurial programs.


  1. Provide quality pre-and in-service trainings for teachers, community development workers, hotel, restaurant, and tourism managers and technologists;
  2. Generate appropriate knowledge and technologies in education, community development, and family and consumer sciences;
  3. Improve peoples' well being at LSU's service areas by conducting extension programs;
  4. Generate additional income to support college projects and activities.


  1. Produce graduates who-
    • are employed in the job they are trained for
    • can pass the professional exam
  2. Generate knowledge/information on relevant areas in education and related fields.
  3. Enhance knowledge and skills, and develop desirable values among the intended clienteles.
  4. Prepare instructional materials, improve existing facilities and provide technical services for income generation.

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