The Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK) has its beginnings in this institution as one of the many general courses under the College department of the then Visayas Agricultural College (VAC) in June 19, 1960. When the school was converted into a state college in May 24, 1974, it was considered as a section under the Department Of Arts and Letters. Later it became a separate department pursuant to Memorandum 33, series 1975 dated August 5, 1975 issued by Dr. Fernando A. Bernardo and with the appointment of the late Prof. Elmer A. Espina as the first Chairman of the department.

In year 2001, the Board of Regents approved the proposal of the Institute Human Kinetics during the 2nd BOR meeting held at the Leyte Normal University in Tacloban City. Through the years, the Institute of Human Kinetics has grown not only in quantity but quality. The institute expanded different programs able to meet the needs of the academe and the community at large for an active healthy lifestyle.


The Institute of Human Kinetics - a center of excellence in human movement and teacher training of Physical Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance


It strives to develop individuals committed to the pursuit of excellence in human movement studies who are able to translate into action concepts and values necessary to improve the quality of life.


  1. Plans and Implement:
    • Academic degree programs for physical educators, dance, sports and leisure/recreation activity specialists
    • Service physical education program for all VSU undergraduate students who must earn eight (8) units of physical education as a prerequisite for graduation
    • Varsity Sports Program for highly skilled who wish to excel in sports and Intramural Program for all students who wish to experience athletic competition
    • Community Sports Program for the University
  2. Conduct research in physical education, health, sports dance, and leisure studies
  3. Provide technical expertise to agencies needing help in the promotion of physical education, health, sports, dance and recreation program
  4. Promote and preserve Philippine indigenous dances, games and sports

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