Center of excellence in the fields of mathematics, physics and statistics in the Visayas.


Attainment of the highest quality of man power research and development in mathematics, physics and statistics in support of science and technology and development goals.


The goals of the institute are the following:

  1. Excellent and relevant instruction, research, extension, and production in the field of statistics.
  2. Appropriate utilization of statistics in scientific, technological, and developmental undertakings.
  3. Sustainable linkages and collaboration with local and international statistical units and agencies.
  4. High level of functional knowledge and public utility of statistics for planning and decision-making in all sectors of society.


  1. The institute aims to achieve the following general objectives within the next years:
  2. To produce highly trained graduates to serve the statistical needs of the Visayas, in particular, and the country, in general.
  3. To undertake quality research and development activities in statistics and related fields.
  4. To actively prompt the appropriate utilization of statistics among scientists, technologists, and development workers in the Visayas.
  5. To maintain productive linkages and cooperation with statistical units and agencies locally and internationally.
  6. To upgrade the expertise of statistical users in the Visayas.

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