1. Tree Planting
    2. 2 copies of 2x2 colored picture
    3. Birth Certificate (NSO)
    4. Approval Sheet & Transmittal of manuscript
    5. Acknowledgement receipt of e-book from library
    6. Department head certification that the student submitted a copy of manuscript to the department library

  2. FEES

      Undergraduate Graduate
    Diploma Fee 200.00 Php 300.00 Php
    Graduation Fee  300.00 Php 350.00 Php 
     Certification 25.00 Php  25.00 Php 
    Transcript of Records  240.00-360.00 Php  240.00-360.00 Php 
    Legacy Fund  520.00 Php 750.00-1,00.00 Php 
    Alumni Fee  200.00 Php 200.00 Php

  1. Secure and fill up graduation clearance form at the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Proceed to the Department Office/Head ad College Dean for signature.
  3. Proceeds to the Library for submission of e-book and one clean copy of manuscript.
  4. Proceed to the Cashier’s Office for payment of required fees
  5. Proceeds to the Registrar’s Office for submission of all graduation requirements
  6. Proceeds to the USSO for approval of clearance and distributes approved clearance to respective offices.


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