Name Status Major
Hanzel L. Pedrosa Probationary Horticulture
Arnold C. Vallaser Regular Animal Science
Name Status Major
Jenny Rose B. Balanay Regular Soil Science
James Roy P. Lesidan Probationary Soil Science
Rhona Jeane D. Bulawan Regular Soil Science
Edwin T. Ocoy Regular Soil Science
Jeffry A. Abubo Regular Soil Science
Reymart Jade B. Gavileño Regular Soil Science
Jubymar A. Mabuto Probationary Soil Science
Ryan L. Paquibo Probationary Soil Science
Jocel D. Batuto Regular Soil Science
Charline P. Colangan Probationary Soil Science
Beverly M. Mañara Probationary Soil Science
Ma. Divina Gracia A. Bedico Regular Soil Science
Arlyn R. Lucapa Regular Plant Protection
Leorence V. Doloso Probationary Plant Protection
Joan Carla R. Tan Probationary Animal Science
Junah Marie A. Baslan Probationary Animal Science
Isabel E. Bihag Regular Animal Science
Daisy Rey B. Palma Regular Animal Science
Wendelyn J. Madelo Regular Animal Science
Ezra Melchizedek M. Makilan Probationary Animal Science
Ronald A. Melendres Regular Animal Science
Ruby Ana B. Arevalo Regular Animal Science
Leonie G. Coronel Regular Animal Science
Anthony Christian Y. Conde Probationary Animal Science
Rose May D. Bacanto Regular Animal Science
Dawn Maress L. Mendez Regular Animal Science
Rubelle D. Valderrama Regular Animal Science
Christina B. Macalalag Probationary Animal Science
Mary Rose G. Giban Probationary Horiculture
Romel D. Agunos Regular Horiculture
Jane C. Llanera Probationary Horiculture
Manolito A. Meting Jr. Probationary Horiculture
Joy L. Sarmiento Probationary Horiculture
Jacquilyn C. Golle Probationary Horiculture
Ana Linda G. Gorme Regular Horiculture
Ivy Verdadero Probationary Horiculture
Mikaela M. Gongora Probationary Horiculture
Glory Mae C. Beloy Probationary Horiculture
Mary Rose T. Abadiez Probationary Horiculture
Arcel M. Montes Probationary Horiculture
Mary Jane L. Yare Regular Horiculture
Pearl Anne Bagol Probationary Botany
Carmi M. Suganob Probationary Food Science and Technology
Shawn Patrick R. Poblete Probationary Food Science and Technology
Maricris R. Doñoz Probationary Food Science and Technology
Harold Adrian M. Mazo Regular Food Science and Technology
Maria Louis P. Tatalla Probationary Agronomy
Diesebel D. Dapulaza Probationary Agronomy
Jun Art M. Casumlong Probationary Agronomy
Mariel B. Balana Probationary Agronomy
Joyce Lorraine G. Dagpin Probationary Agronomy
Marilyn L. Bernabe Regular Agricultural Engineering
 Kim Arianne Zarzua  Regular Agricultural Economics
Name Status Major
Dianne O. Duarte Regular Business Management
Bena-Lyn C. Fariola Probationary Business Management
Letecia V. Bañez Regular Business Management
Dennis M. Alea Regular Business Management
Katrina E. Bartolini Regular Business Management
Echelle L. Cruzante Probationary Business Management
Mary Joy C. Ejoc Regular Agribusiness Management
Analon P. Lamanilao Probationary Agribusiness Management
Danisa C. Pahamutang Probationary Agribusiness Management
Rrya May D. Calibao Regular Agribusiness Management
Name Status Major
Noriel C. Dumaguing Probationary English
Kay Anne G. Villocino Probationary English
Andrex Marie F. Borneo Regular Biology
Rica Marie R. Olayber Regular Biology
Ela Andrea M. Murillo Regular Biology
Jessa A. Loreto Regular Biology
Edilberto A. Artiga Jr. II Regular Physical Education


Additional qualifiers will be added as soon as the result of their evaluation comes out. Enrollment for the graduate students is scheduled on July 26. Classes will start on August 1.

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