This article answers frequently asked questions about the pre-enrollment and other related procedures for accepted and open qualifiers of the 2022 VSU College Admission Test in the main campus. This page will be updated regularly as new questions arise.

Pre-enrollment Accepted Qualifiers

Q: I am done pre-enrolling. What should I do?

Submit your admission credentials to the VSU Admissions Office either personally or through courier. To personally hand in your documents, you may proceed to the Technomart Area near the VSU Main Campus entrance. For courier submissons, address them to "Head of Admissions, Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines 6521".

Q: I am an accepted qualifier but I failed to pre-enroll by July 15. Does this forfeit my slot? Can I no longer pre-enroll?

When pre-enrollment starts for open qualifiers, all remaining open slots are available to open qualifiers to claim. Accepted qualifiers can no longer access the system also. We may consider requests with valid reasons on a case-to-case basis. You can send a letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pre-enrollment of Open Qualifiers

Q: I had difficulties when I tried pre-enrolling. The MyVSU Student Portal is glitchy. What should I do?

There were indeed a lot of system errors on the first day of pre-enrollment of open qualifiers. We have now augmented our server to bear the demand of everybody accessing the portal. Users must use the Google Chrome browser on the web or mobile to get the best experience.

Q: How can I revert my chosen program if I accidentally chose a program that is not my choice?

Some qualifiers met technical difficulties that left them with no choice but to choose another program that is not their choice. To request a revert, go to and file a ticket under the Help Topic CAT 2022 / Revert Pre-enrollment. Please note that reverting may only be done ONCE and that if approved by our administrator, this effectively forfeits your assured slot in the original program in favor of open qualifiers. You shall then have the same chances as others in choosing another degree program when pre-enrollment is open. Revert requests will only be accommodated and processed until July 24, 2022, Sunday. Lastly, you only need to file ONE ticket.

Q: I am an open qualifier but waitlisted to BSN/BSCE/DVM. Can I pre-enroll in another program?

Yes. But your slot to BSN/BSCE/DVM will be forfeited and offered to the next in rank. Waitlisters have already been contacted about their status and should wait for the next steps. If you have pre-enrolled in another program and wish to revert so you can accept your slot in the Big 3, please file a ticket to revert (instructions above).

Q: It was announced that pre-enrollment has been paused. When will it resume?

Pre-enrollment will open AFTER all the requests to revert have been processed. Tentatively, it will be on Monday, July 25, 2022.

After Pre-enrollment

Q: I have already submitted my admission credentials, what's next?

Go to the VSU Hospital to have your medical exam or reserve a date. The Hospital can only accommodate 100 people on a daily basis.

Q: I am from outside Baybay City, can I come to submit my admission credentials and take my medical exam on the same day?

Since the Hospital can accommodate a number of people, they advise you to take your lab tests outside. After submitting your credentials, proceed to the Hospital for checking vital signs, dental exam, and physical exam to get your medical certificate. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: When and how can I use the promissory note?

The promissory note is only for the PSA Birth Certificate. Please remember to use blue ballpen in signing since it is a VSU controlled form which requires blue ballpen for signatures.

Q: I was awarded a scholarship that specifies only a list of programs that does not include the program I chose. Can I change my program?

The VSU and the VSU Admissions Committee welcome scholarship programs and may consider requests like this on a case-to-case basis. Acceptance to the new program will also depend on a number of factors such as available slots, your rating, etc. You can send a letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: What must be done before the July 29 deadline?

On or before July 29, you must be done with pre-enrollment and submission of admission credentials. The health assessment or medical exam may be done after July 29.

Q: I am a HS graduate / transferee but our school year ends by August so I cannot pass my school records in time. What should I do?

For transferees, request a Transcript of Records marked "For Evaluation" so the Registrar can evaluate the courses you have already taken. Then your official transfer credentials may be processed after your school year. For HS graduates, get a Certificate from your school that your school year ends later. The TOR or Certificate will be accepted as your admission credentials in the meantime. You must still submit these on or before July 29.

Q: I am done with pre-enrollment and I have submitted my credentials. When can I receive my Certificate of Registration?

Once you submit your credentials and the Admissions Office finds it complete, they forward it to the Registrar for enrollment. The Registrar will process enrollments for incoming first-year students between July 27 to August 10. You should receive a notification via email at this time with your temporary COR.

Q: When and how can I receive my validated COR?

At the start of the semester. You must submit your medical certificate/health certificate issued by the VSU Hospital to the Registrar to get your validated COR.

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