In preparation for the coming of Typhoon “Hagupit”, please ensure that office, lecture, laboratory and other equipment and other facilities found within your building are secured and protected from possible damage.

We suggest you do the following:

1. Cover or wrap your computers, LCD projectors, microscopes and all other equipment with plastic or any other waterproof materials. If possible move them to safer locations, away from windows or damaged walls.

2. Make sure all glass windows of all offices and rooms in the building are securely locked. Windows that cannot be locked can be tied securely in place with a tie wire.

3. Put all documents and other materials that are easily blown away in steel cabinets or other safe cabinets.

4. Unplug all electrical equipment.

5. Keep back-up files of important documents from your computers in external drives.

6. Remind your thesis students to ensure that the materials and equipment that they use in their thesis are also secured or kept safe from possible damage.

Thank you and be safe.

EDGARDO E. TULIN (signed by OIC Dr. BS Belonias)
Vice President for Instruction