1st Batch – June 13-14, 2016

2nd Batch –June 15-16, 2016

3rd Batch –June 27-28, 2016

4th Batch –June 29-30, 2016

5th Batch - July 1-2, 2016

6th Batch –July 4-5, 2016

The training aims to equip the participants with knowledge and skills in hyrdoponics vegetable production. At the end of the training, the participants are able to explain the importance of hydroponics vegetable production as sustainable farming system amidst climate change and recognize its advantages over the conventional vegetable production. Participants will also be able to demonstrate skills in hydroponic practices such as nutrient formulation and vegetable production after the training. 


Upon registration, the participants will pay P3,600, inclusive of food and accommodation for one night. They also have the option to pay P2,400, but will not be entitled to food and accommodation.

All participants shall shoulder their own accommodation and travelling expenses. Room reservations will be facilitated by the training organizer.

Participants may contact the Head of the Department of Horticulture for more information:

Dr. Rosario A. Salas
(053) 563-7739, 0908-873-2033