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As the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) prepares for Level IV (Phase II) accreditation of its Agriculture Program this coming October 2013, the different departments under the college conducted the Strategic Planning Workshop on July 3-4, 2013 at the Center for Continuing Education.

According to Dr. Victor B. Asio, CAFS Dean, the activity was conducted as part of the requirements in one of the Key Result Areas under the Administration. As a result, the head and two other representatives in every department (Department of Animal Science, Department of Agronomy and Soil Science, Department of Development Communication, Department of Food Science and Technology, Department of Horticulture, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, and the Department of Pest Management) participated in the intellectual discourse to come up with a Five-Year Development Plan and Beyond.

To guide the participants on how to come up with a strategic plan, Dr. Lourdes B. Cano, VSU's Director for Administration and Human Resource Development (ODA-HRD), facilitated the workshop. In her presentation, Dr. Cano emphasized that the workshop would enable the participants to create and execute a strategic plan to provide a common model for an organization to follow.

She also expounded that strategic planning is the process to establish priorities what to accomplish, make choices on what they will do and what they will not, pull organization around a single game plan, and do broad outline on allocating resources. Likewise, she presented the Public Higher Education Reform Overall Framework, and the University Strategic Plan.

To enlighten the participants on what to do during the workshop, Dr. Cano explained the processes on how to conduct SWOT analysis, preparation of HR competency GAP analysis, and the preparation of work and financial/action plan.

To come up with a better output, the participants convened with the faculty and staff in their respective departments. They decided to set another date for the presentation of their outputs.

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