magnacum 2013

A total of seventy-one (71) graduating students, of whom 8 are Magna Cum Laude and 63 Cum Laude in the different degree programs of the Visayas State University, will be receiving medals of Latin honors during the 60th VSU Collegiate Commencement Exercises in the morning of April 5, 2013 at the VSU Gymnatorium.


The honor graduates will finally taste the fruit of their labor after four to five years of toiling to earn their respective degrees from this prestigious institution of higher learning. The University President, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, with the assistance of the Vice President for Instruction, Dr. Oscar B. Posas, will bestow the medals to the graduates with Latin honors who will be accompanied by their parents.

Topping the list of graduating students is Josefina F. Ballesteros, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness (BSAB), who will be receiving a Magna Cum Laude medal from VSU for garnering a grade point average (GPA) of 1.231. She will be followed by Mark C. Ratilla, also a BSAB Magna Cum Laude graduating student, who got a GPA of 1.270; and Ma. Victoria Stephane G. Asio, a Bachelor of Science in Development Communication Magna Cum Laude graduating student, with a GPA of 1.332.

The other Magna Cum Laude graduating students and the GPA they obtained are as follows: Theresa Mae D. Bilocura, Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), 1.343; Maria Niña N. Palacao, Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSEcon), 1.368; Emn Y. Alsonado, BSAB, 1.369; Glorybeth C. Castillo, BSEcon, 1.424; and Norhaya V. Demacaling, BSAB, 1.436.

Likewise, sixty-three graduating students will be receiving Cum Laude medals during the said graduation exercises. They are: Minerva Nirvana M. Zarco, BEEd, 1.464; Renee Rose C. Casillano, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BSChem), 1.473; Ma. Jannel A. Urian, BSChem, 1.475; Arlen S. Pilongo, BEEd, 1.494; Harry Jay M. Cavite, BSAB, 1.495; Junmarie S. Cirenuela, BSAB, 1.496; John Lemuel A. Mahusay, BSChem, 1.502; Janine L. Evangelio, Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (BSHRTM), 1.505; Shiella D. Baruc, BSAB, 1.521; Kristine Mae G. Orendain, BEEd, 1.535; Kent Mavric J. Macariola, BSChem, 1.541; Ted Dominique S. Belonias, Bachelor of Science in Biology – Ecology (BSBio), 1.541; Manuela Bizarbith D. Pelicano, BSEcon, 1.543; Alith Stephanie R. Borinaga, BSEcon,1.554; Jenecyl D. Poliquit, BEEd, 1.558; Glaiza L. Vallecera, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture – Plant Protection (BSA), 1.561; Camilie M. Cardaño, BSChem, 1.562;

Lenneth R. Guinocor, BSAB, 1.565; Mary Luz P. Taño, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS), 1.567; April Antonette P. Delima, BEEd, 1.575; Jade Dhapnee Z. Compendio, Bachelor of Animal Science (BAS), 1.579; Leo A. Mamolo, Bachelor of Secondary Education - Mathematics (BSEd), 1.581; Crisanto L. Abas, BSEd- Math, 1.587; Jonell M. Vizcaya, BSA-Plant Breeding, 1.592; Dernie T. Olguera, BSA-Soil Science, 1.604; Mitchelyn A. Jurial, BSAB, 1.604; Mary Luz S. Cagande, BSHRTM, 1.607; Romualdo M. Ocares Jr., BEEd, 1.609; Emma L. Cacho, BSEd- BioSci, 1.612; Mary Grace L. Payod, BSHRTM, 1.637; Rommel M. Garrido Jr., BSA-Plant Breeding, 1.645; Venice Marie C. Ibale, BSAB, 1.649; Barbara Jane Dimas, BEEd, 1.662; Naomi Leeh L. Pobadora, BSChem, 1.666; Riza Mar B. Tapang, BSHRTM, 1.667; Daisy Marie C. Vacalares, BSHRTM, 1.675; Shenamie P. Nuevo, BEEd, 1.676; Honey Jane C. Dumaguing, BSHRTM,1.680; Genesis Jared A. Cutamora, Bachelor of Science in Food Tehnology (BSFT), 1.688;

Junhael Jay L. Brace, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (BSEM), 1.690; Genylyn M. Angco, BSAB, 1.690; Maureen Lyndel C. Lauron, BSCS, 1.692; Quennie M. Anoos, BSFT, 1.692; Marie Bless B. Galang, BSFT, 1.698; Jeremia M. Añasco, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering (BSAE), 1.701; Froline S. Red, BSAB, 1.701; Elden P. Jayag, BSChem, 1.703; Sarah Jean C. Sugano, Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology – IndBio (BSBiotech), 1.703; Cristy P. Zoilo, BEEd, 1.705; Lida Marie P. Vega, BSHRTM, 1.707; Rezel M. Sagarino, BSA-PltProt, 1.708; Mencho G. Daitol, BSHRTM, 1.714; Joel D. Maraviles, BSEd- Math, 1.724; Alieza O. Del Socorro, BSBio, 1.725; Mary Jane A. Aldamia, BEEd, 1.725; Miraflor M. Mirafuentes, BSEd- BioSci, 1.725; Marilou A. Saporas, BSAB, 1.726; Deborah C. Villarmino, BSHRTM, 1.735; Jertz Vlyn D. Escala, BSA- SoilSci, 1.737; Roxan D. Pille, BSEd- BioSci, 1.738; Cleofe T. Cuyag, BEEd, 1.742; Ananias N. Yunzal Jr., BSEd- PhySci, 1.748; and Whalter M. Sosmeña, BSHRTM, 1.749.

On the other hand, four graduating students from the certificate courses will be receiving medals for their academic achievements. They are as follows: Lisa I. Arce, Certificate of Agriculture Science (CAS), 1.286, With High Honors; Jay Darryl L. Ermio, CAS, 1.348, With High Honors; Emmanuel F. Morales, Diploma in Animal Production Technology (DAPT), 1.701, With Honors; and Luisa C. Paraboles, DAPT, 1.725, With Honors.