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The Department of Teacher Education (DTE) of VSU's College of Education (CE) conducted on September 28, 2012 a Consultative Meeting on Practice Teaching and Field Study of Education Students at the Center for Continuing Education. The consultative meeting was participated in by some 60 district supervisors, principals, head teachers, and cooperating teachers from the different public secondary and elementary schools in Hilongos, Inopacan, Baybay City, Albuera, and Bato, all in Leyte.


In his welcome message, Dr. Oscar B. Posas, VP for Instruction, informed the participants regarding the deteriorating quality of education the country is experiencing today as evidenced by students' poor performance in various international competitions in math and science.

Dr. Posas added that we used to pride ourselves as the best in Asia and we are the ones sending our faculty to some neighboring countries because of high quality and competent teachers that we produced. He asked the participants "Where have we gone wrong? And where we have failed?"

"Is the poor quality of education associated with poor learning facilities, lack of books, lack of support from parents to their children, or is it the laxity to challenge the students?" Dr. Posas quipped. He invited the participants to follow the "Matuwid na Daan ni P-Noy" and then everything will be in the right direction.

The participants were enlightened as they listened to the presentation of Dr. Dolores L. Alcober, CE Dean and head of DTE, regarding the "Role of the Department of Teacher Education in Practice Teaching and Field Study Course: A Revisit."

Dr. Alcober emphasized that prior to the actual practice teaching and field study by the education students to the identified cooperating schools, negotiations have been made with the DepEd officials and a Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between VSU and DepEd.

She also mentioned that the student-teachers were pre-oriented regarding the rationale and procedures of the experiential learning course so that expectations of both parties shall be accomplished. She even presented the duties and responsibilities of pre-service teachers and what are expected from them.

Moreover, the CE Dean emphasized that the selection of cooperating schools as well as the resource teachers and cooperating teachers/mentors was based on the standard set for the purpose.

On the other hand, Mr. Pedro Renomeron, Education Program Supervisor and Student Teaching Coordinator of DepEd-Leyte, elucidated on the "Roles of DepEd and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in Practice Teaching and Field Study Course: A Revisit."

Mr. Renomeron said that the cooperating staff of various teacher education institutions have gone through an orientation session on field study and practice teaching. He also said that DepEd will monitor and evaluate the capacity of the cooperating schools.

He further said that the policies, regulations and environment of the school as well as assignment of classes and responsibilities of the student-teachers are already in place. Most importantly, he emphasized that a debriefing session between the principal, the resource teachers or the cooperating teachers/mentors, student-teachers, and the college practicum supervisor shall be done before the actual immersion program.

Mr. Renomeron clearly stated that during the field study course, the resource teacher shall accommodate the field study student in their actual classroom teaching and is not duty-bound to mentor or to coach the pupils/students and that his/her role is only limited to the requirements and activities of the particular study course.

Moreover, he said that the cooperating teacher shall be assisting the student-teacher in honing his/her skills through regular class observation and post-conference, lesson planning, assisting in using varied strategies/approaches/techniques, classroom management, assessment of learning outcomes, questioning techniques, and preparation of instructional materials.

Other concerns in relation to practice teaching and field study were raised during the open forum and were given prompt attention by the discussants.

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