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The Technical Review Committee (TRC) members of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) evaluated on August 18, 2012 the VSU's Department of Development Communication (DDC). This is in relation to the application of DDC as Center of Excellence/Development (COE/D) for Development Communication.


The TRC members included Dr. Florinda D. Mateo, CHED Technical Committee for Communication (TCC), Team Leader; Dr. Madeline M. Suva, CHED TCC; Mr. Romeo Padilla, Technical Staff, CHED Central Office; and Mr. Leo D. Camposano, Education Supervisor II, CHED Region 8. The evaluation was based on the following criteria: instructional quality (45 points), research and publications (30 points), extension and linkages (20 points) and institutional qualifications (5 points).

Based on the revised CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) Guidelines for COE-COD, the TCC shall recommend a higher educatio institution (HEI) to be a COE for Communication or Development Communication if it attains a rating of at least 90% in each criterion and an overall rating of at least 90 points. While the HEI which attains a rating of at least 80% in each criterion and an overall rating of at least 80% will be recommended as Center of Development for Communication and Development Communication Education.

Once the Certificates of COE and COD have been awarded to the concerned HEIs, the said HEIs may request for funding and/or non-monetary subsidies and awards such as institutional funding for program evaluation, capacity building, curricular benchmarking, extension and linkages, upgrading of facilities, equipment and library collection, and institutional materials development. They may also request for individual funding such as funding for faculty development grants for Graduate studies, thesis/dissertation support, trainings, fellowships and other forms of funding.

The designation as COE/COD for Communication or Development Communication shall be effective for three years, unless revoked by CHED due to the HEI's failure to fulfill its functions and responsibilities and sustain its compliance with the criteria for COE/COD.

According to Dr. Editha G. Cagasan, head of VSU DDC, after evaluating all the applicants for COE/COD, the concerned HEIs will be notified on the result of the TRC evaluation and the TCC recommendation.

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